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Exodus Financial is Financial Counseling and Real Estate Investing Services.

Exodus Financial LLC’s certified credit counselors are specialists in the areas of money management, budgeting, and credit card and debt reduction. We offer financial counseling sessions, which usually last approximately up to 45 minutes first session. Time estimates may vary from case to case.

Exodus Financial is committed
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What people say about us

We have many happy clients and adding more each day.

Carlita F.

I first met Grace Chopra when I was gifted her services by a good friend who also successfully
used Exodus Financial Services to improve her credit and buy a home. At that time I was not
ready to face how I allowed my finances and credit to become in such a bad state, so I did not
complete the program first time.

Thank you Grace for your patience, encouragement and accountability. I am forever grateful for your help and guidance throughout the process.


M. Smith

Grace, Grace, oh heavenly Grace! This wonderful woman was bought to me by a family friend. GOD sent her to me at a time where home ownership was all I could think off and certain it was my next stage in life. She is an professional at its best. Very informative, communitive, genuine, smart, a all-around amazing person. She has offered me the level of help that  the people who have known me my entire existence never had. I am grateful for her for that! I truly believe she was heaven sent to me! NO DENYING THAT! I follow her exact instruction has gotten my credit score from a 610 to a 652 in three months!!!!!!! RESULTS GUARANTEED! If you want to level up in life literally, Grace is where you need to be. She has earned a client for life!!!! Luv ya Grace!!! #BLACKWOMANMAGIC

“When I met my counselor we hit it off the first day. She told me what I need to do and put me on a budget and action plan. Once I received guidance from her I met my goals to pay my bills on time and save money in the bank!!”
Alex L.
Grace is a real person, who understands real issues because she freely shares her own story, and that made me feel like she could relate to where I was but also build the confidence to move forward. There aren’t words I could use to describe the level of professionalism and dedication that Grace shows her clients. Her warm words, encouragement, and non-judgmental approach showed me that she was perfect for the services she offers. There isn’t one person, regardless of your financial position who wouldn’t benefit from working with Grace. I would offer that she is essential to anyone who wants to build a debt free life or a person who wants to maintain that life. I believe in EXODUS FINANCIAL!!!! and so should you!!
“Thanks to you! I can keep focus, able to keep tabs on my spending monthly. I really feel for the first time in a long time that I am in control of my finances.”
Koffivi G.
I just want to say that I am so grateful that the Lord put grace in my path; she helped me through my entire process of paying off my debt.Not only did she negotiate a great deal for me, she led me through all
the way to the end. I really appreciated her professionalism, and organization. She was always prepared; I mean you know the scope of her job. I therefore 100% recommend her to anyone who seeks a
satisfactory service. And for those who are still hesitating whether to choose her services or not, trust she will get you a great deal and she will always be there for any advice you seek
“I had an overall fantastic experience with my Financial Counselor since day one. She thoroughly explains everything, is direct, truthful, compassionate and sincere in everything that she does. She will also hold you accountable for whatever home work she has given you to do and gives you the tools to be financially successful!”
D. Jones
“Grace is wonderful. Her attention to detail and methods are supportive to one’s goals. As long
as you are committed to making a change, have a willingness to follow a plan, and be consistent
you will see results! ”
“Sending much gratitude to Grace Chopra today who have helped me understand debt is not the way of quality of life. “I value and appreciate you helping me clean up my credit” and more importantly I am thankful that I am almost debt free. I am now in control of my spending habits and my quality of life is bright! I feel free, improving my relationship and respecting my creditors, reduced stressed and most of all, it put me in a position to educate others……… Stay Blessed!”
C. Hunter
“Your professionalism, timeliness, and work ethic was much appreciated from day one. My monthly budget expense you worked out gave me a lot of encouragement and taught me the best and smart way to save. In all I was able to pay off most of my debt and my credit score has already increased by 65 points.”
D. Gilmore
“I am absolutely pleased with your service. It is really uplifting to work with a financial coach who is truly interested in my needs, circumstances, and preferences. What really impressed me was the way you took the time to get a feeling for where I was at, where I want to go, and mapping out a plan to address derogatory information, build my credit score (which by the way has gone up 84 pts) and pay any debt off in its entirety or arrange a payment plan. Your professional, ethical, and caring attitude is second to none. Everything that was stated in your initial plan of action was done and Exodus Financial has my trust and respect and I gladly recommend your services whenever possible.”
L. Johnson
“Exodus Financial provides excellent services and helped me to accomplish my financial goals and credit counseling service. I refer anyone who requires financial guidance to Exodus Financial. I love the energy, honesty, and quick response that Exodus Financial, Grace Chopra has provided every step of the way.”
D. Jones
“Grace is wonderful. Her attention to detail and methods are supportive to ones goals. As long as you are committed to making a change, have a willingness to follow a plan and be consistent, you will see results.”
L. Mobley
“Sending much gratitude to Grace Chopra today who has helped me understand that debt is not the way of quality life. I value an appreciate your helping me clean up my credit and more importantly, I am thankful that I am debt free. I am now in control of my spending habits and my quality of life is bright.”

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