At Exodus Financial, we empower people to take control of their debt with tangible steps and personal guidance that are the keys to confidence and success in reaching financial freedom.

A Success Story: Loretta
I realized I was in financial trouble after my divorce. I went from two salaries to one and tried to live the same lifestyle I always had. I didn’t have a good handle on how to manage money because my ex-husband had always managed it. Before I knew it, I had approximately $40,000 in debt, and then came the housing crash! My husband had the house in his name and he stopped making the monthly payments once we separated. The house I was living in foreclosed and my credit was horrible.  My scores were in the 400’s because of the bad choices I had made. I had become a single parent; it was hard and discouraging at times. I met with Exodus Financial and they first calmed my emotions. They assured me through encouragement and support that, if I am determined to reach my goals, they will be there for me along the way. As of today, my scores are back up close to the 700’s, my debt is paid off, and I purchased a new home! Thank you and God bless Exodus Financial!