Stressed people are being targeted especially during the Covid–19 Crisis. These scam artists make great promises, but fail to deliver truth or tell you to charge large amounts of money to help you.

Once these companies receive payments and/or personal information you can no longer get in contact with them or they drag you along without providing the service you paid for until eventually you get tired of waiting around for services promise and you leave.

Protect Yourself From Scams
It hardly seems fair that we need to beware of potential fraud during times of national crisis, but fending off scam artists is an almost inevitable part of the recovery. You can help keep yourself safe by taking some basic precautions.

Misinformation is the common denominator in nearly all scams.
Make sure you are getting your information from credible sources.
This will help you weed out the kinds of misinformation that can work to part you from your money. Your service providers and government agencies can help you understand what to expect and the next steps you need to take to get back to normal.